Traveling Adventures

Amanda, Me & Brad in Prague
The Beagles are a traveling family, thanks to the Dad (Brad), who is bitten regularly by the traveling bug.  I thought it would be nice to index our many travels here.  That way we can keep them all straight!

4.    Lombok Island

Savannah Georgia and Richmond Virginia (July 2010)
1.   Richmond to see Sara and James Perry
2.   Savannah to see Chris and Nadia
3.   More Savannah

Amanda's Senior Trip:  Paris and Prague  May 2010

Hawaii 2010
 1.     The Island of Kona
 2.     Haupuna Beach
 3.     Who Cares About Swimming with the Dolphins....
 4.     I seriously swam with a stingray....
 5.     Adventure Trip to the top of Mauna Kea
 6.     It's not always the lap of luxury
 7.     The Beagles' Extreme Lava Flow Adventure

Hawaii 2009
1.  Disneyland on the way to Hawaii
2.  Kaua'i

Hawaii 2008   

DAY 1: The Amazing Race to Hawaii

France December 2008
     The Effiel Tower at Christmas
     C'est une cite d'amour! Paris
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