Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Summer Has Blown By US! Whooooooshhhhh! Part 2

We were hap, hap, happy we chose Mrs. Wilkes

The next leg of our trip took us to Savannah, Georgia. We had decided to meet Chris and Nadia here rather than going to Atlanta so that we could all see something new. I was so glad to have the experience of going to Savannah. It is a cute little southern town with lots of southern charm and a big dose of historic beauty.
Liz & me standing in line for Mrs. Wilkes Boarding House Restaurant
Brad was our hero and arrived early to get a good place in line!
On Monday, the day that the girls had arrived, we went to experience some down home southern cooking at Mrs. Wilkes Boarding House.  The experience begins early in the morning as you have to line up and wait your turn to get in.  The line on most days stretches around the block.  Luckily the street is shady with all those big oak trees and they serve ice water while you wait.

Inside they seat you at a big table with other guests and when you arrive there are serving dishes of every souther dish you can imagine.  Black eyed peas (which were my favorite), cabbage, okra, baked beans, creamed corn, creamed spinach and the list goes on and on. Then once you are seated and drinks have been served they bring out big platters of fried chicken and hot biscuits and corn bread.   Yum!

So much food!


We live in a Zoo! said...

My mouth is totally watering for that food, lol!
That sounds like so much fun! You guys travel A LOT, good for you! :D

mickell said...

Look how cute you guys are!

You were right, I googled you and there you were! You're so popular now.

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