Sunday, September 23, 2012

Happy Happy Autumnal Equinox

I spent the most amazing afternoon up AF Canyon today hiking among the beautiful changing leaves.  Yesterday was the Autumnal Equinox.  

"Autumnal Equinox marks the moment when the sun crosses the equator on its apparent journey southward and we experience a day and a night that are of equal length. It’s the time of the final harvest when many crops including apples, grapes, nuts, squash, corn, and berries are gathered. Astrologically speaking, this is the date when the Sun enters the sign of Libra, the balance.

During the weeks around the Equinox, assess your harvest of the seeds of dreams and goals you planted earlier this year. Analyze your progress, acknowledge your successes, and give thanks. After that point of balance, natural law encourages us to turn inward for growth. Like Persephone going to the underworld on her annual journey, the time from the Autumnal Equinox to the Winter Solstice is a perfect opportunity to take a deep look inside yourself. Weed out what has completed its cycle and nourish the roots of what you want to grow again in spring." (Quoted from OM Times)

This is an exciting time of year when we get to be renewed and refreshed by the beautiful fall weather, rain storms, sun, cool nights all combine with the fresh start of the school year to give us new order to life.  I love the balance of the Sun in the sign of Libra.  Maybe that is because Libra is my Sun Sign.  I love the fall colors they are so renewing.  To get out and walk among the leaves is the best!  I loved actually hiking instead of driving my favorite loop today.  

This space felt like a Temple and I sat and meditated a while.

Probably my favorite photo of the day.....I don't know why?

I am so at home in nature, walking among these beautiful leaves gave me a feeling of comfort and strength!

The view was breath taking, completely gorgeous!

Playing in the leaves was the best!

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