Friday, May 20, 2011

My First Happy Shake

I have been seeing the posts on face book from a friend who I don't even really know, but I love her.  Her name is Stacy Stowers and she is a raw food chef.  She travels around the country and makes her living by going to peoples homes for a week and teaching them to create a raw food life style.  She shares her love of food along with her original recipes and her perky happy self with them, while she cooks and educates them!  I hope to have her to my house some day.  In the mean time I have read many, many posts about her Happy Shake because she makes them every morning for her families.  In fact for anyone within spitting distance!  Ha, ha!  So today (drum roll please) is the day I decided to make my first happy shake!  If you read my blog you will know that I could use a little happy right now!  So here it is, I did it!  It was sooooo easy!  So I will send you to Stacy's website and you to can make your first happy shake!  You gotta love it!  
Click here for Stacy's Happy Shake Recipe.......and send me a picture!

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