Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Fabulous Fall Walk

I took a walk up Grove Creek Canyon this morning, just to see all the changing leaves. You'll be glad to know that it is not peak season yet so there is still time to get up there and enjoy the foliage.

The funniest thing happened while I was sitting on a big rock and watching the river run. This cute little bird flew down and was getting drinks out of the river. Then he began to stick his whole head under and he would come up and dance and dance. Then he would go back under and come up and dance and dance. He had this cute little jig going. Then he flew right up to me, just an arms length away and drank and danced. I just laughed he was having such a good time!

I love that we live so close to the mountains and have such great places to hike to! Bring on Fall....I love it!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tabitha, she was a good kitty <3 <3 <3

I just want to make a little journal entry about our kitty who just passed away. She was 17 years old...a pretty long life for a kitty. Her name was Tabitha but we always called her kitty or cat somehow her name never stuck. I don't want to glorify kitty in death because she definitely had her moments...some times she was a bad kitty for sure. I remember when the kids were little she would always snap at them and bite their toes but only when she knew I wasn't looking. One time she gave cousin Aaron cat scratch fever. Pretty much all the kids were afraid of her because they never knew when she was going to turn on them....but she did kind of mellow with age. She used to keep me company whenever I would go out to weed in the garden and in the winter when it snowed she would always come out to play with us in the snow. We had our ups and downs but all in all she was a good kitty and it is sad to lose a good kitty! Namaste kitty...sleep well!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

When did he learn to chop wood like a man?

Today at the cabin we were stacking and chopping wood. I was going for it with the axe when Mackay, my 14 year old son, walked up and said, "Here mom, let me show you how it is done." I'm thinking he is too little for this, I'm pretty sure he won't be able to chop through this massive piece of wood. He raises the axe and in one chop halves the log precisely. I am amazed. When did he learn to chop wood like this? Who taught him how to do this? When did my son become a man? Had I really not noticed this? I thought about all of the influences in his life. His dad, his grandpa, his brother, lots of good friends & youth leaders and the list goes on and on. I am truly thankful for all of these influences and more that have helped him to become a good person.....on his way to becoming a good man.....and by the way I have heard they are hard to find.....so glad I've found one here. I watch as he once again raises the axe and brings it down on the log. So blessed to share this moment with him. I love you Mackay....you are such a good man!
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