Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The 87th Year Birthday Bash....

Isn't there a saying that goes something like "Carpe diem?"  Seize the day!  It was just what we did this lovely rainy/snowy Seattle weekend.  My sweet Mom was turning 87 this year and I could not just sit home in Utah and let her celebrate without me so I did what I do best......I planned a party!  It may seem to you that 87 is not a proper milestone but just this last August Mom was diagnosed with cancer and somehow the big C word spurred me into action.  Mom is doing really well and the treatments have helped so much but still you never know.  So no time like NOW to have a party and party we did!
Mom's Birthday Dinner at the Crabpot!

The Party Room

Didn't we decorate so pretty?

Here comes the party girls!

Sweet Janice Christensen just hasn't changed a bit!

Jerry Hoffman at 92 years old

Ron and Larry Hoffman and their cute wives Diane and Martha
Jana, Karen, John, Rondha
Joanne, Uncle Bill's wife

Amanda and Kealohi

Karen and Martha Hoffman

Martha, Karen, Carol and Jana

Karen and Mom

Cathy Kilstrom and Mom

Br Simonson and Mom

A blazing cake!

A beautiful rendition of the birthday song!

Then she wouldn't even try to blow out the candles....

So Mike jumped in to show her how!

But then we had the real experts step up......the great grandkids!

Gene and Julie Avery with Christena and Parker

Ridiculously fun to see all these Sauer girls show up!
Jana, Karen, Julie, Gene, Karen, Carol, Leslie and Gordie
I'm putting in both pics cause I don't want Jana to accuse me of putting in my
best shot, none of them were great everyone looking every which way!

Mom and Cousin John

A beautiful lei from sweet Kahau Pickford

Julie, Gene and Jessica Birdsbill

Leslie and Gordie Comfort with Christena

Cute Tyler and Aida and Parker

Mom and the girls

Mom and the Great Grandkids!

As you can see we had a great time!  Mom loved it and so did we!  

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