Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Great Day Has Arrived.....Aaron Monte Stout has returned with honor!

The Steagles!  (Stouts + Beagles)

Old Friends!

Jacob & Aaron

Carol and Aaron
We had a great day today attending my nephew Aaron's Homecoming. He has returned from the El Salvador mission after serving for 2 years!

Last Tuesday a crowd of us greeted him at the airport and it was so fun to see him after all this time. He definitely has an accent, can hardly speak english, hardly anything but the clothes on his back and a smile as big as all of south america! We were all crying and laughing and hugging and laughing and was fantastic! When we arrived back at the Stout's, I noticed as Aaron walked in he looked down at the carpet and he rubbed his shoes against it and looked down at it again and he began to cry. Jeanette came and gave him a hug and said, "You're home!" Later he said that there is no carpet in El Salvador, everything is tile. We hung out for a while and ate Death Brownies (Aaron's requested dessert) and heard stories about his mission. We got to see the presents he brought home to his family. Around 9:30pm the Stake President came over to release him from his mission and he asked Aaron to bear his testimony to his family. He said it would be hard and could he do it in spanish. The Stake President nodded and so we got to hear his testimony in spanish and then he translated it to english. It was a very touching and humble testimony.

Today we got to go and hear him speak in church. It was very exciting to see that this was not the boy who had left two years ago. He definitely had experienced a change and his talk was about the tender mercies he had experienced as a missionary. He closed with his testimony in spanish.

We of course celebrated with food and fun conversation at the Stout's. We were lucky to have Mom and Carol there. Also one of Randy's mission companions and his family came all the way from Fillmore to be there. It was a good day....glad to have Aaron home, grateful for his safe arrival and so fun to share with family on a day like today!

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Reina Vargas de Rosales (Hna. Rosales y Familia) said...

Que felicidad saber que està en su casa despuès de haber terminado su misiòn, claro con mucho honor, siempre recuerdenos como nosotros le recordaremos, si algun día regresa, sepa que tiene un espacio en casa. Disfrute a su familia.
Atte. Hna. Rosales, Santa Ana, El Salvador.

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