Monday, August 30, 2010

The Summer Has Blown By Us Part 3: Our Savannah Smiles

The oldest house in Savannah The Herb House I really liked the name!
It was my idea for the walking tour
Some people wanted it to be a sitting tour!
The Town Hall
Dinner with the FAM!

Christopher & Nadia!  So Cute!

A really old house tour!  
Famous Savannah Ice Cream Leopalds!
Tybee Island Beach!

Ahh they still like to make sandcastles!

The walking Ghost Tour

The soaking wet aftermath!

Yep!  Completely Drenched!

Spending some time with Chris and Nadia was the main focus of our trip to Georgia and so we were so happy to finally catch up with them on Monday night.  We met for dinner at Carver's Restaurant and enjoyed a delicious meal and good conversation.  For the most part anyway.......sometimes I wonder if my whole family will EVER be able to behave completely when they are together!  It was great to have everyone together again.  We loved hearing all the news about what Nadia has been up to and what Chris has been doing.

The next day we hopped over to the beach via Tybee Island.  It was a great beach and we had fun hopping waves and playing and just being all together again. 

That night we opted for the Ghost Tour of Savannah......which went very well until we experience the Rain of Savannah!  Holy Crap!  And just so you know, I am originally from Seattle and I thought I knew rain but never have I ever experienced anything like this down pour.  It was a walking tour so we had no car to hide in and the kids and I decided to stick it out.....pretty much everyone else bailed on the tour except Me, Liza, Amanda and Mackay (Brad bailed and went to pickup Chris and Nadia from their river trip) and two other brave ladies.  This was a huge down pour, with huge drops of rain and keep in mind the 100% humidity we already had going on in about 90 degree temperatures.  Whew!  It was something everyone should experience once.....sort of like a cross between a sauna and a tidal wave!  By the time we got back to the hotel I literally had to peel my clothes off and everything was completely soaked!  Amazing, fun, memorable for sure! 

We sure enjoyed our visit to the beautiful city of Savannah!  Loved being with all of our kids!  What a great trip!  Enjoy the pictures!

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