Friday, June 19, 2009

Must Be My Year for Reconnecting With Old Friends

I have had such fun this summer connecting with old best friend from my childhood, Deanna Brooks Kocherhans and I had lunch the other day. We figured out that we had lived in the same city for the last 25 years or so but never connected! It was a blast to re-live and talk about old times and people from the past.

I had another opportunity on my drive to Seattle to stop and see a dear friend who had been my YW's leader and we had many adventures together. The bonus was I got to see her mom who had been good friends with my mom and it was so great to see them both. We had a lovely lunch at her house in Kenniwick, WA and then off we went to press on to Yakima, Wa and get the first glimpse of the famous Perry House, hand built by Sara!

We had such a blast seeing all the Perry's and we got to see Christena and kids! The house is so beautiful and a work in progress as they complete the last few projects. Christena and Tyler are so good to come and help out and I'm sure the extra hands are appreciated. Amanda and I loved that Christena stopped working on the house long enough to cut our hair! What a treat! We were treated to a yummy dinner and a divine breakfast of Waffles and strawberries and cream!

Off we go now on our way to Seattle and pressing forward to The Boat Trip (cue the Gilligan's Island music here)!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Celebration Tea Party

Joanna, Hilary, Karen, Jessie, Amanda, Liz, Jeanette
Mother and Daughter Jeanette & Jessie
Enjoying the day! Karen & Amanda
Beautiful Table....YUMMY Food....Wonderful Company!

My neighbor and I wanted to do something fun together to celebrate both of our daughters graduation from High School this year! I work with one of the loveliest ladies ever....Tonya....and she offered to hostess a tea party in her back yard for us! It was a DeLiGhT! So much fun! When we arrived she had us make ourselves a tea party hat...very fun....and they all turned out so cute! Then we had a fun and informative tour of her beautiful back yard, and told us about each area and how everything was so special to her and her husband, because they had built it from scratch. She had breakfast set up in her beautiful little garden room and it was all so delicious! We had home made granola with cream to start and then a beautiful quiche with herbed sour cream and fruit and blueberry muffins. We drank chocolate milk and orange juice served in sweet little tea cups, with a myriad of sweets for dessert. We sat and talked and laughed and enjoyed the morning all care-free and happy. It was a beautiful little bit of heaven get-a-way for us all! Thank you Tonya...We Love You!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Amanda's Graduation Day!

We had such a fun day with Amanda on her "Graduation Day"! Her graduation was at the Marriot Center, BYU. Afterwards we went to dinner at the New Yorker in Salt Lake and Brad rented a room just for us. Jeanette and Randy and kids joined us! Jeanette made some fabulous desserts and we all had a great time celebrating together! Great Day Amanda....the world awaits!
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