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8 Great Gluten-Free Foods You Need to Know

8 Great Gluten-Free Foods You Need to Know

You can certainly live a delicious and gluten-free life without resorting to cardboard crackers or highly processed, gluten-free baked goods and cookies!

There are plenty of nutritious alternatives out there that also happen to be gluten-free. Whether you just want to cut back on your intake of this hard-to digest, glue-like protein, have an allergy or sensitivity to gluten or you simply want some new ideas to supplement in to your diet – these foods will rock your boat!

1. Quinoa

Quinoa is actually a seed, a member of the grass family and not even a grain at all! It is however often referred to as a grain because of having similar flavor and cooking properties. This now hugely popular (read trendy!) food can be found in all sort of salad combination, in protein bars, crackers and even chocolate! I love making a bowl of quinoa, topped with steamed vegetables and a big poor of creamy sauce from herbs and nuts (very much inspired byCafĂ© Gratitude! ) One of the huge benefits of quinoa, especially for someone living on a plant based diet, is that it contains all nine essential amino acids, making it a complete protein!

2. Millet

This is quinoa’s somewhat dryer sister and another great source of protein for people on a plant based diet. Millet is in fact a mineral-rich seed often found in birdseed mixes (fun fact!) It makes a mean mashed potato substitute when mixed and mashed up with some steamed or roasted cauliflower. Leftover cooked millet makes an easy breakfast porridge when mixed with some almond milk, cardamom, raw honey and fresh berries.

3. Amaranth

Amaranth is a super tiny seed similar to millet and quinoa and also a great plant source of protein, especially of the essential amino acid lysine, which other grains are low in. It is even thought to help lower cholesterol. Amaranth works great in soups, stews and porridges. The seeds are very fine and tend to get bit creamier and binding when cooked (think pudding and porridge texture!) Amaranth flour also works well in pancakes and breads. And talk about sustainability! Amaranth grows very rapidly and is thought of as a weed in many areas.

4. Brown Rice Mochi

You may have heard of mochi int eh form of  ice cream treats at Japanese restaurants. But, did you know there is also a delicious baked pastry version. Made with only brown rice this is as clean as it gets. With plenty of different flavor varieties to choose from for flavor (from dried fruit , nuts and seeds) you can satisfy both a sweet and savory craving with these warm and chewy treats. Cut up a few squares, pop it in the oven for 10 minutes and watch them rise to the occasion. I love dipping mine in some applesauce and almond butter!

5. Buckwheat Noodles

Love yourself some stir-fry or udon soup? Try using 100% buckwheat noodles next time. They have a really smooth texture and a hearty flavor that can stand up well to spicy foods.  Buckwheat is good for your cardiovascular system and great source of magnesium!  And despite it’s name, buckwheat is not related to wheat and does not contain any gluten! 

6. Chia Pudding

Folklore attests that the chia seed was cultivated by the Aztec and was so valued that it was given as an annual tribute by the people to the rulers. So, we’re talking real, ancient super food here, people! You already know these six reasons why you should eat chia, so let’s get right into the cooking!

It can be turned into a delicious and decadent pudding simply by adding your nut milk of choice, some vanilla extract, a spoon of raw cacao or carob and something sweet like honey, maple syrup or stevia. You can also stir and sprinkle chia seeds in to any smoothie recipe or your morning porridge!

7. Zucchini Noodles

That’s right. This is a great pasta and noodle alternative and it’s all about the cutting technique. If you are looking to cut down on calories, carbs and starches, these “noodles” are sure to satisfy that pasta craving! Use a spiral slicer or a mandolin to get the thin, long spaghetti like strips, dress with some fresh tomato sauce or a nutty pesto. Tada!

8. Lettuce Wraps

Need a carrier for all your stuffing? You can certainly skip the grains and pseudo-grains all together and go for leaves. Romaine and Boston lettuce leaves are big enough to hold a variety of fillings, just like a taco-shell or tortilla. You can also try to quickly blanch large collard green leaves and use those as alternative wraps. I also love using nori - think sushi maki and hand rolls. Roll up some nut butter, your favorite chopped vegetables, some avocado and a sprinkle of sprouts.

Published March 29, 2012 at 12:20 PM
About Katrine van Wyk
Katrine van Wyk came to New York as a model from Norway six years ago. She left the industry soon after to complete her studies. A personal journey in challenging the conventional wisdom about dieting and nutrition led her to becoming a holistic health coach. Katrine, in rejecting one single dietary solution, uses practical coaching methods to discover what works best for her client's health and lifestyle. She uses a holistic approach to wellness and nutrition that is more rewarding and way more fun. Working with Katrine you'll discover what healthy means for you -- absolutely no deprivation, starvation or guilt.

Katrine is a graduate from Oslo University, the New School and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She is also a Certified Holistic Practitioner by the AADP.

This article was reprinted with the express permission of the author Katrine van Wyk.  Please see original article at MindBodyGreen

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The First and Last Day

Just like usual fall began again and just like usual I sent my child out the door for his first day of school.  What is so unusual about this year is it is the last time I will send a child out the door for his first day of school.  It is the last first day for me.   So I'm wondering if I should feel sad about this?  I do feel a little nostalgic but not really sad.  I've been doing this for a sum total of exactly 22 years.  I remember the euphoria of my first child starting school.  I remember all the ones that followed.  I remember the PTA jobs, being room mom, helping with math, attending Back to School nights, Parent Teacher Conferences galore.  I remember it all with fondness and gratitude for all those wonderful teachers in my kids lives.  Helping to enrich them and giving them knowledge to grow into wonderful adults.  So now watching my youngest child walk out the door to his first day of school....his Senior Year....I feel gratitude for being Mom to four great kids and having the honor of watching them grow.  Happy First Day of School Mackay, I hope this is your best year yet!  Love Mom

This is a precious picture!
Mackay spent the night with his cousin Jacob so they could go to school together and I said take a pictures so we have the first day pic.  I didn't think he would remember but look at this precious picture.  Mackay with cousin Jacob and Jessie Stout!  Love these bugs to pieces!  Happy Fall!

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The Neighborhood Yoga Place
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Wednesday:  Restorative Yoga  8:45-10:00 AM
  This class will be lots of stretching and lengthening.  A great class if  you are an athlete.  Also great for beginners who would like to learn more about yoga.

Thursday:  Teen Yoga 8:00-9:00 PM  NEW!  Super excited about this evening class to introduce yoga to your teen.  We will be focusing on stress relieve and increasing flexibility.  This class will be a great compliment for all after school sports from cheerleading to track!  It will also be a great class for teaching increased focus and concentration for school work.  Lots of tips and techniques to de-stress your teens life!  This just before bed time class will be a great way to wind down from the day and get a good night's sleep!

Saturday:   Yoga Flow   8:30-9:30 AM  (Currently being taught at Bodhi Yoga in Provo, ask me for details.)
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Please note:
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2.  Please let me know if you are planning to attend class.  I only have spots for about 6-8 adults.  Kids and teen class will max out at 10 kids.
3.  Because of the limited space, once you have decided to come please be as consistent as possible so we can accommodate everyone.

About The Neighborhood Yoga Place:

Teacher:  Karen Beagles, Certified Yoga Instructor,  Bodhi Yoga Trained, Provo, Utah, 2007 & Rainbow Kids Trained, Certified Kids Yoga Instructor, 2009
I have been practicing yoga since 2005 and teaching since 2007.  I have a great love of yoga and what it can do for your body and your soul!  It is an amazing practice that I love to share with everyone.

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What to wear:  Loose and stretchy clothes that you can move in.  Shoes and socks come off for class.  You'll want to tie your hair back.  

What to bring:  A water bottle.  I provide mats and props but you are always welcome to bring your own mat, a small towel if you tend to sweat is nice.  

Please be on time to get the most out of your class time!

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What is Happening Lately?

I've noticed my blog has been very boring of late.  I'm not sure why?  I guess all the energy I have these days is used up in just getting the basics done....if that.  So today I'm going to catch you up on what's happening lately!  Are you excited?  Get goes!

Went for an amazing ride up the canyon in this car with these friends!

Got to meet this little bug for the first time!
Got to go for a walk at the lake with these two!

Spent some time with my boys!

Popped in to a friends daughter's wedding!

Helped build a chicken coop!

Went to a shower for cute Rachelle, Liz's best friend!

Got to visit with my mommy for two weeks!  (And Carol but no pics of her)

Went to the World's Best Folk Festival right here in Utah!

Pretty whirling dancers!

Got to skype with Mackay exactly one day before he arrived home.  Yes he was gone for about 6 weeks but never cared to skype until now......go figure????

Saw a really beautiful sunset.

Went to the re-releasing of Charly the movie of which Diana was a cast member and got to mix and mingle with the cast.

Of course we had to get a pic of this!  Once in a lifetime you know!

Had a Snowasis date with Jessie and Jeanette!

Tried out being grandma for the first time!  I think I'm really going to like it!

Went hiking at Zion's National Park

Reminisced about the summer I spent working there and all the good times we spent under this tree.

Got to see Mackay being and Uncle for the first time!  Two cute boys!

Got to do some quilting in style with my friend.
And that's about it!  So did you like the whirl-wind, not necessarily in order tour?  I did, it was a nice reminder of all the fun things I have done this summer!  Hang on cause Fall is just around the corner......I think!  

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Unexpected Inspiration

I had a fun experience attending the re-releasing of the movie Charly this week.  It just so happens that my sister Diana Dunkley played Sam's mom in the movie.  Liz and I decided at the last minute to go up and see the premier.  It turned out to be a great night as we re-lived the story of Charly.  If you haven't ever seen it you should go and see it in the theater while it's out.  Just remember to bring your kleenex.  I of course was not going to cry this time.  I've seen the movie lots!  But every time I just ball like a baby.  The actress that played Charly (Heather Beers) was sitting right behind me and she was balling too.  So I guess I was in good company.  In fact the whole theater was pretty much in tears.  It was awesome.  One of Diana's friends sat by the actor who played Sam (Jeremy Elliot) and she said he was balling too!  Isn't that great?

Liz and I were talking on the way home and we were trying to decide what it is about this story that causes such a reaction every time?  In some ways it is the cheesiest movie of all time and yet there is something really sweet and compelling about the story.  I think it is the way the characters banter back and forth that keeps it fresh and not too mushy.  So we were discussing this like I said on the ride home and all of a sudden it occurred to me why this movie gets me every time.  It's because we are all Sam and Charly.  Each of us have a story during our time here on earth.  Each of us go through different things in life but it's all the same.  By that I mean, in the story Sam looses his wife to cancer but is that any more painful than having a baby die or a son who is addicted to drugs or a spouse who is unfaithful.  I think sometimes we tend to rate our trials, we might say I could handle that one much more easily than this one.  What we have to remember is everyone gets something that takes you to your edge.  It is why we are here.  It is what living is all about.  So none of us get through unscathed, it is all the same and it is all real and every single person gets to be Sam and every single person gets to be  Charly in one way or another.  So that is why I will keep watching the Charly movie over and over and every single time......I will ball like a baby.....for Charly, for Sam and for all of us, for we are in this together.

Diana Dunkley (played Sam's Mom), Adam Johnson ( the boyfriend) , Jeremy Elliot (Sam) and Heather Beers (Charly) Me and Liz

Yep we had to take a ride!

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