Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The First and Last Day

Just like usual fall began again and just like usual I sent my child out the door for his first day of school.  What is so unusual about this year is it is the last time I will send a child out the door for his first day of school.  It is the last first day for me.   So I'm wondering if I should feel sad about this?  I do feel a little nostalgic but not really sad.  I've been doing this for a sum total of exactly 22 years.  I remember the euphoria of my first child starting school.  I remember all the ones that followed.  I remember the PTA jobs, being room mom, helping with math, attending Back to School nights, Parent Teacher Conferences galore.  I remember it all with fondness and gratitude for all those wonderful teachers in my kids lives.  Helping to enrich them and giving them knowledge to grow into wonderful adults.  So now watching my youngest child walk out the door to his first day of school....his Senior Year....I feel gratitude for being Mom to four great kids and having the honor of watching them grow.  Happy First Day of School Mackay, I hope this is your best year yet!  Love Mom

This is a precious picture!
Mackay spent the night with his cousin Jacob so they could go to school together and I said take a pictures so we have the first day pic.  I didn't think he would remember but look at this precious picture.  Mackay with cousin Jacob and Jessie Stout!  Love these bugs to pieces!  Happy Fall!

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