Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Celebration Tea Party

Joanna, Hilary, Karen, Jessie, Amanda, Liz, Jeanette
Mother and Daughter Jeanette & Jessie
Enjoying the day! Karen & Amanda
Beautiful Table....YUMMY Food....Wonderful Company!

My neighbor and I wanted to do something fun together to celebrate both of our daughters graduation from High School this year! I work with one of the loveliest ladies ever....Tonya....and she offered to hostess a tea party in her back yard for us! It was a DeLiGhT! So much fun! When we arrived she had us make ourselves a tea party hat...very fun....and they all turned out so cute! Then we had a fun and informative tour of her beautiful back yard, and told us about each area and how everything was so special to her and her husband, because they had built it from scratch. She had breakfast set up in her beautiful little garden room and it was all so delicious! We had home made granola with cream to start and then a beautiful quiche with herbed sour cream and fruit and blueberry muffins. We drank chocolate milk and orange juice served in sweet little tea cups, with a myriad of sweets for dessert. We sat and talked and laughed and enjoyed the morning all care-free and happy. It was a beautiful little bit of heaven get-a-way for us all! Thank you Tonya...We Love You!

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Ann Marie said...

ahhh! so much fun!!!! look how cute you all are!

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