Monday, August 30, 2010

Our Morning Hike

Starts Out Easy
We took a guided hike this morning to the Petrified Sand Dunes in Snow Canyon.  Our stellar guides were Bill and Kim and they kept us laughing and hiking.  Kim is half mountain goat and full Norwegian and half Hawaiin and Part Japanese, but we out classed him when we let him know that we are the Great, Great, Great and Great Grand daughters of Ebenezer Bryce of the Bryce Canyon Fame!  Ha, Ha, Kim you can't one up the Beagles Clan!  Bill was good at helping us get the best photos and if we wanted to take it easy we could drop back with him and he would never leave us behind!  Kim on the other hand rarely rested!   Between the two of them we had quite an enertaining and long (Thanks to Kim) hike.  He didn't want us to be bored waiting for the slower people to catch up with us so he took us on a whole other hike while we waited for them!  But it was worth it cause we got to see those mormon petrogliphs written in axle grease! 

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We live in a Zoo! said...

whoa, that's pretty cool!

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