Friday, May 7, 2010

Day 5: Traveling to Prague -- Not Amanda's best day!

Sunday night was NOT a good night on this trip. Amanda caught the bug that Brad had and she spent the entire night and much of the next morning throwing up. Oh it was soooo sad! I tried all of the mothering things I could possibly think of and Brad gave her a blessing but I finally had to just drag her bedding into the bathroom and tell her to lay down when she could. This was about 5 am and then Brad and I tried to get some sleep. We had to fly out that morning, Monday to Prague and we were very worried that she wouldn't be able to get on the flight. Finally about 11 am she settled down a little and some how we all limped out of the hotel at 12Noon and headed for the airport. It was not a good day but somehow we all made it to Prague and due to Brad's good planning found our hotel quickly and put Amanda back to bed, after finding her some sprite and crackers. Luckily whatever this bug was, it seemed to dissappear quickly which we were very grateful for. Thankfully I did not come down with it. Brad and I ventured out enough to try a local restaurant and see what Chzek food is all about. It is quite heavy, lots of meat and potatoes, sauages and sauerkraut, cabbage and heavy sauces. The restaurant we went to was quite good, and the food is not expensive at all. After dinner we headed back and all went to sleep early to shake off our bad night. So glad Amanda is feeling better!

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