Friday, May 7, 2010

Day 4: Palace du Versailles

Amanda so excited to see Versailles!

Our tour guide, we'll just call him Pierre, he was very french and so funny....and I don't think he was trying to be!

Today was Sunday and it was our day to go to Versailles. We took a tour there and we really enjoyed the Fountains. Brad & I had been there before but did not get to see the fountains. The gardens are amazing and spectacular on their own but when you add water and music to the fountains it is out of this world! Amanda and I ran around trying to see all of it, which was impossible in the time alloted us, but we did get to see most of it. Brad took his time due to his disability and he decided not to go on the palace tour which gave him more time in the garden and seeing the fountains. He really enjoyed it! Amanda and I went on the Palace tour and we had a very french tour guide, he was a little hard to understand but he was entertaining! From there we tried to find someplace fun for dinner and settle on a little cafe in the quaint part of town called Les Halles. Well, okay Amanda just said it was the Gay part of was a little seedy I must admit. Our restaurant was located right next door to a very packed Men's Gay Bar......oh, suhweet! The food was good although Amanda ordered a pasta dish and it came with a raw egg in the middle, something carbonara. It was tastey though. We found a Super Marche to get a few things like water and fruit and then wound our way home through this very interesting part of town....stopping to sample the gelato and of course a crepe! On the train home we visited with a gentleman from South Carolina and then of course spent the 20 minutes waiting for the bus that was parked outside but for some reason does not move for 20 minutes after the train irritating! All in all a good day!

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