Friday, May 7, 2010

Day 9: Castle Day

Friday, our last full day in Prague. We met our tour guide Renata again, this time for a tour of the castle of Prague. If you ever need a tour guide in Prague we highly recommend her, she is just full of information and her english is very good and I think anyone who can withstand the constant barrage of questions that Brad throws and still keep smiling deserves a medal. She was great! She let us know a whole bunch of history about the castle and the monastery there. We had a very well planned day of exploring and shopping and then she left us in the Old Town Square once again. We decided to have some more of that wonderful ice cream at the Grand Cafe on the square. So we sort of had a backwards lunch because this guy really wanted us to go upstairs and have coffee and so we went and ordered ice cream. And it was really delicious so we were glad we did but we wanted to find another hot dog stand for lunch so we headed to Wenceslas Square and found a really good hot dog stand, but on the way we got side tracked by a market and I had to have the little basket of mixed berries and some nougat and so by the time we got to the hot dog, we had had dessert, then fruit, then the actually lunch, so it was a backwards lunch....oh and not to forget the bracelet pastry we had on the was warm....mmmmmm!
So as we have been saying all week.....this is how we roll on sort of all revolves around touring and food......and by the last day it is sort of revolving just around the food. I won't even tell you about the rest of the day because it involved a very good dinner, a very bad show, and lots more good food.....let's just say we had ice cream three times today! It was all good and.....that is how we roll! So tomorrow we will pack up and roll ourselves out of Prague!

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