Friday, May 7, 2010

Day 8: A Free Day.....a lazy day!

Thursday, was a free day and we took full advantage by sleeping in and being lazy all morning. We decided to go and ride the tram and see where it would take us. Prague not only has a wonderful underground metro, it also has a really nice tram system that operates above ground and makes it ideal for sight seeing. We headed down to the tram stop, about 1 1/2 blocks from our hotel and made sure to stop in on a local bakery to sample some of the local fare. It was wonderful and fresh....yum! We boarded the tram and went all the way to one end. Got off and got back on to ride back the other direction. We made stops along the way where ever we wanted to. You just get on and off as needed. We stopped at a large grocery store out in the subarbs of town. Brad wanted to compare prices and we decided to stock up on treats to bring home. We got back on and headed back through town and out the other side. It was fun to see everything. Then we went back and stopped at a major shopping area. That is where I found my favorite french bakery, Paul's, and so I had to get a raspberry tart and a croissant. We found Amanda a pair of shoes because she had brought high heels and discovered they don't work very well on the subway. They were very inexpensive, about $8.00. We decided to try a hot dog which seems to be very popular here and even though I hate hot dogs these are super tastey, better than anything we have in the states. The buns are french bread and the mustard is wonderful. Even Amanda liked it and we both hate hot dogs. We headed back to the hotel for a nap and later we went to the Black Light Show. It was good, a little staged but the dancing was good.
Had to hurry back to the hotel to catch up on the British elections and had to google and find out who won the Snooker World Championships. Amanda and Brad got hooked on those while we were in France. Ha, was a good day!

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