Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day 3 in Paris: Notre Dame & The Tower de Eiffel

Saturday was a little eventful as Brad awoke with some version of the stomache flu. He tried to say it was just something he ate but we think he had some kind of bug. We ended up lazying around the hotel until about 2pm when the maid became persistant that she wanted to clean our room so up and out we went, back to Paris. We headed to Notre Dame Cathedral and to our favorite part of town. It contains some of the cultural quarters of the city. After we enjoyed seeing the flying buttresses of Notre Dame we went into the most interesting part of Paris, where a lot of the students hang out and it is just buzzing with good food and all kinds of culture. We stopped at my favorite bakery but sadly they had no Tarte aux fambroise (raspberry tart) so we moved on. We stopped at a little restaurant and had some delicious food. I had the crepe complete which was a crepe with ham, scrambled egg and cheese. It was amazing. Then Amanda and I found a little crepe place and she tasted her first Crepe aux Paris! I tested out the amazing gelato there and we were both highly satisfied! The little man was so cute he added a little half scoop and an extra spoon for Amanda! Merci Beaucoup! It was yummy! Poor Brad not only was still struggling with his sprained ankle but now wasn't feeling good on top of it all. Sad! He was a trooper though, that's one thing you can say for Brad, he never whines! We had a chance to walk the the Luxemburg Park and Gardens. A pretty amazing park here in Paris. Amanda and I had a great time touring through the gardens. The tulips were all in bloom. The large pond had little sail boats you could rent and sail, guiding them with sticks across the pond. There was a large playground all fenced in for the children and pony rides. Next stop was the Eiffel Tower and we had reserved tickets. Brad again had opted to stay on the ground so off me and Amanda went to the specatular view at the top of the tower. Even the elevator ride is fun! We met another Mom & daughter from New Jersey and spent some time chatting with them in line. They were coming to celebrate the daughter's birthday and to drink champagne at the top of the tower. We had to get in line a second time to go all the way to the top! The view is amazing and Amanda loved it. She had to memorize a map of Paris for her french class so she could tell me where things were....sort of. It was a great day of exploring in Paris.....too bad there was no Raspberry Tart.....mmmmm maybe tomorrow! Bon Nuit!

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