Friday, May 7, 2010

The Top Ten Things We Love About Prague

The Top Ten Things we Love about Prague!

10. We loved the Anna Hotel....not so much of a high rating for comfort...the beds..not so comfortable, but the internet was super good and free, breakfast every morning was good and free and the location was great!

9. The neighborhood laundry mat: You have to understand that Brad obsesses about laundry any time we go on a trip and so Amanda and I were so happy that this little laundry mat was just around the corner from our hotel. Apparently it is one of two in the whole city. It had a cute little seating lounge complete with drinks and a guest book to sign and free internet. Brad was cozey in his little den while he waited for the laundry.
8. Neighborhood Grocery every half a block: There are a serious amount of stores in Prague, every inch is covered in stores of some kind and bakeries. I don't know how they can all make a living. We loved our little corner store that has fresh baked bread and pastries in the morning and lots of bottles of know you can't drink the water any where in Europe...I don't know why, I just do what I'm told. LOL!

7. The Food We ate at some fabulous restaurants that served czhek fare and it was delicious. Mostly pork, cabbage, dumplings and gravies. I didn't think we would be wanting to eat Pizza in Prague but we have had seriously some of the best pizza here.....and we've been to Italy so we know what we're talking about.

6. The Bone House One of the most macabre things we have ever witnessed but also the most interesting was the Bone House in Kutna Hora.....some serious bones there!`
5. Loved that Czheks are very understanding about us not knowing their language. They all tried to speak a little english, we on the other hand could speak zero czhek. Maybe by the next trip?

4. Our tour guide Renata Blazkova. Very pleasant, really knew her stuff and took us on three very well planned and enjoyable tours. We would definitely recommend her as a tour guide and we also would suggest a guide if you have never been to Prague. It was helpful to be able to ask questions and she is very knowledgeable.

3. Swan Lake at the Statni Opera House: We loved the production of Swan Lake that we saw in Prague. It was a beautiful theater and we got to sit in box seats, a real treat! We loved it!

2. The Transportation System: We were amazed at how easy getting around Prague was. They not only have a really good underground metro system, but also a Tram system that is above ground and great for sight seeing. We got every where fast and easy. Even Amanda and I could figure it out!
Drum roll please.....................................and the number one thing we loved about Prague:

1. The Ice Cream Sundaes at the Grand Cafe in the Old Town Square: We thought we had tasted good ice cream before but nothing has topped the gelato sundaes with bananas and whipped cream. So amazingly good we went there twice in one day. The gelato was out of this world good!

So there you have it, all the things we loved about our first visit to the Czhek Republic. It was a fantastic trip and we would definitely come here again! Thank you Prague for our first taste of your wonderful culture. We will savor it for many days to come!


Teri said...

Loved reading about your trip! Miss you!

Rachelle said...

Prague is really a fabulous city. We are so lucky it is only about 2 hours from our house. We still need to take the boys to the "bone church" though, I think they will really love it!

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