Friday, May 7, 2010

Day 7: Heading out in to the Country Side to Kutna Hora

Wednesday, we again met our tour guide but this time she had arranged for a car to take us outside of Prague to a town called Kutna Hora. We stopped first at the House of Bones and even though Ranata kept telling us there were lots of bones I was flabbergasted when we walked in. It is housed in an ornate looking chapel from the outside but when you walk in it is really the house of bones. Bones everywhere, put into artistic little piles, making plaques on the walls, even the chandieler is made of bones. It was simply overwhelming how many bones in this place. They are human bones taken from people that were found buried around the town from ancient wars and also from times of plagues when many people died at once. She said the Catholic church used these bones as a warning to people to say you better repent and to remind people that we are nothing and that we need God. We rejoined our driver and headed to a beautiful cathedral in Kutna Hora, a really nice example of flying buttress contstruction. We enjoyed a tour of the church and then a short walk into the main part of town. We did a tour of the ancient mint that was there, this was a mining town and so it became the mint and minted coins by hand. Very interesting. We had the funniest tour guide there, you have to have them take you through and you could tell his english wasn't that good and he had memorized his english script and he kept talking right at me and Brad as if we were the only ones there. Then at one point he asked me where I was from and I said Utah and he smiled and said I know that place and then named some other western states. Then he pointed to a picture of one of the mayors of their town and said who is that and Brad said Teddy Roosevelt because it looked just like him. He laughed and said yes, it is our mayor but he looks like your president. It was funny because you could tell he was looking for some Americans so he could pull that joke! After the tour we had some lunch at a very good italian place and then headed back to Prague. It was a nice relaxing day and easy on Brad's foot for once. For dinner we went to the same restaurant that we had tried on the first night and it was very good, we all liked it alot. Tonight we are just hanging out and catching up on the internet and posting pictures and writing blogs. It is nice to have free internet so we can stay in touch!

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