Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lombok Island

One of our stops was to Lombok Island, Indonesia.  Lombok is probably what Bali was like before they put in an international airport and our guide told us that Lombok is building an international airport to open next year, so look out Bali....I predict that Lombok will be the new Bali!  So I won't bore you with the ships tour, it was okay but when we finished the half day tour Brad hired our guide and a driver to take us to see the real Lombok.  We wanted to see the villages and how the people live and taste some of the local cuisine.

It's kind of the place to hang out and weave.

Really beautiful!

Everywhere we went I was drawn to the children, they are so beautiful!

Dress Up!

Apparently a fashion statement in the making........

Brad had to have a hat like his!

Our driver and guide
First stop was a weaving village. This was not a touristy set up at all.  This was a real little village where all the women weave to help support their village.   They have a little shop there where they sell some of the pieces and others are taken to the market to sell.  We visited with a few of the little ladies as they worked.  The Indonesian people are so happy and warm.  It is always amazing to me....I guess I'm a little jaded from visiting Mexico but these people are just genuine.  They love everyone and they smile and try to communicate.  

Next stop our driver just pulled over and showed us a typical house....or we would say a compound. A group of houses that extended families live in. He showed us how they dry the rice from the rice paddy and how they cook and it was amazing. A world apart from us. Still cooking with wood. Doing many things by hand. Hauling water from a well.  After we had walked around this little place and our guide had used the toilet, we said, do you know these people and he said no but they don't mind.   And they didn't!  How funny!

This is where they dry the rice

The Kitchen.....not kidding!

Toilet......really not kidding

Water Well

Cute kids

Baby Chicks

Finally persuaded her to take a picture....then I showed it to her!  

Little family store.....one every twenty steps everywhere in Indonesia.

Adorable baby boy!

Last stop was a local restaurant for some local food.  We specified that it had to be really clean.....really clean!!!!  That was a must.  Our guide took us to a lovely little place that was very clean and we had a ton of food, more than enough for the four of us for less than $12.00.  Really!  I was amazed.  Drinks and everything.  Such a lovely day....very fun, we felt like we really got to see the REAL Lombok!


Anonymous said...

Wow Karen those were fun pics. I know a little more now about Lombok Island. Looks like you and Brad had a wonderful time. :-)

Hayley said...

karen you get to go on some fabulous adventures!! It looks like your trip is amazing! I miss you!!!

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