Sunday, January 16, 2011

Kuching, Sarawak on the Island of Borneo in Malaysia

Today we spent some time in the beautiful city of Kuching Sarawak on the island of Borneo in Malaysia.  We set off in the morning to see the Orangutans.  We took a tour bus out to the rainforest where there is a preserve for the nearly extinct Orangutans.  In this preserve they teach them to care for themselves and get them ready to be released back in to the wild when possible.  We arrived in time for the first morning feeding, a supplement that they provide to ensure that they all have enough food to eat.  We saw several, about 8 in all including 2 mamas with their babies.  
In the afternoon we took a shuttle into town and spent some time exploring the many shops and of course checking out the local food.  We found some fun buys, the Malaysian ringit was $2.80 to $1.00 american dollar and so everything seemed very cheap including the food.  We ate at a local cafe for about $7.00 which included 3 large noodle dishes and chicken fried rice and two drinks.  Wow!  It was amazing good food too!
Some of the highlights of the day were a chinese buddha statue, the goddess of mercy that I purchased for 280 ringit.  Eating a sweet potato fritter from a street vendor.  Discovering the birds nest a local delicacy made from real birds nests, eaten as a dessert.  Viewing all of the various markets with their dried fishes, dried shark fins, dried sea cucumber....too many to name, it was marvelous.  Such a treat for the eyes to see how another culture lives.  Simply amazing.  
It was pouring rain....
This is a mom and baby.....look close...see the baby?
Snarfing the good food!

Trying a local favorite

These are the edible birds nests.  REAL birds nests made into a delicate dessert.

Shark Fin.....dried..???

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