Saturday, January 15, 2011

Singapore is Safe and Clean and Safe

Subways are such an interesting slice of humanity.  Nearly everywhere we travel we spend a lot of time on subways, because it is a convenient and inexpensive way to get around.  It is a great place to people watch and the subway says a lot about a city....without ever saying a word.  So it was on one of our evenings in Singapore.

When we arrived in Singapore it was 2am in the morning there.  Our cab driver was particularly talkative and friendly and he let us know that Singapore is a very safe city.  He said we could feel comfortable walking around at this time of night anywhere in the city.  He said crime is so low in Singapore it is almost non-existent.  I was amazed, knowing that it was not the same in America.  There are plenty of places in my hometown of Seattle that I would not feel at ease in during the day, let alone at two in the morning.  
We thanked our cab driver for his advice but we did not take him up on it that night as we had flown for nearly 20 hours and all we wanted was a chance to lay flat again and sleep!  However, the next night we found ourselves rambling around the city on the subway and indeed we felt very safe.  The subway, like the city, was very clean and orderly.  
We swept on to a train and as we sat down I noticed a man across from me reach down and pick up a pink wallet off the ground.  It was a cute hello kitty wallet (the obsession of  Asia it seems, you see it everywhere, shirts, purses, wallets)  that obviously someone had dropped.  I was surprised to see his quick action of scooping it off the ground and I must admit I thought the worst.  I thought he was going to stuff it in his pocket, I thought he would look around to see if anyone was watching first.......but he didn’t.  Instead he was intently looking through it.  I again thought the worst and I waited for him to look up at me and notice me watching him.......but he didn’t.  Instead he pulled out his phone and dialed a number from the wallet.  No answer and so he began looking through it again, found another number and dialed.  No answer again, so then he did what every good Singaporian does on the subway, he leaned his head against the window and promptly fell asleep.  That is when I snapped this picture, I wanted to remember this beautiful Singapore man who was soon to be someone’s hero.  Thank you for telling me taxi I have seen for myself, Singapore is a very safe city indeed.

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