Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Fennel & Orange Salad

We had a lovely salmon dinner the other night, thanks to the cooking skills of my dear hubby.  He always cooks on Sunday but it is a real treat to have him cook on a week night.  I could get used to it!  The salmon (purchased for a great price at Costco) has been some of the yummiest of my life, and that's saying something. 

 I grew up in Seattle with a commercial fisherman father so it is safe to say I have tasted a LOT of salmon. 

 The kids and I were heating it up for leftovers and I decided to make a salad.  This Fennel & Orange Salad came to mind.  This is the salad that turned me on to the fact that Fennel is actually something you can eat.  This is a wonderful winter salad, especially when the oranges are so good.  Fennel you can pretty much get all year round....once you find the stores that carry it.    This vegetable, I think it is technically an herb, has an impressive list of benefits, and its just kind of fun to say, "I eat Fennel".  So just in case you would like to join me in enjoying this tasty herb, here is a step by step how-to of Fennel & Orange Salad.  It is perfect with salmon but also makes a tasty lunch on its own.  Enjoy!

Fennel  Orange Salad
2-4 servings

1 large bulb of fresh Fennel
1 large or two small oranges (this is also good with grapefruit or pomelo)
1/2 of a fresh squeezed lemon
Stevia (to taste)

Here's how to put it together:

Chop the Fennel.   I like to cut the bulb in half and then thinly slice one half,

Turn and thinly slice again to get a uniform dice.  Add to bowl and do the other half.   

I slice the end off of each orange, then peel the sides.

Then I slice the orange.

Then slice into quarters and then eights until you have lovely little bit size pieces like these.  

Squeeze the fresh lemon right into the bowl and then add Stevia to taste.

Here it is!  A delicious little bowl of sunshine!

Perfect with any fish or by itself!

Hope you have enjoyed this mini recipe tutorial!
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Teri said...

Sounds yummy! And fennel is readily available here. Thanks for the post!

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