Monday, December 20, 2010

A Very Special Christmas Date Night

We had a very special date night last friday and two lucky boys got to come along.  We had tickets to the Christmas Performance at the Conference Center, featuring David Archuleta.  We had two extra tickets and so we decided to take Mackay and his best cousin Jacob along.  It was quite a special night out for me to be on a date with 3 good looking guys.

First stop was a real guy place, Rich's Burgers in Salt Lake.  Nothing but burgers and fries and smothered burgers and fries........oh, I did have some sauted zuchinni that was nice.   There was only one very busy girl working there and so it took a long while to get our food which made us late and made Brad very cranky.  From there we caught tracks, along with all of the other five thousand people who were heading to the conference center.  Then we got to stand in a really long line to get in to the building.  Luckily they started to really shuffle us all in fast by was CoLd!
At Rich's Burgers
The concert was very nice and very Christmasy!  David sang great and so did all the others....I was really coveting those dancers outfits, the ones that looked like old time carollers.  They were cool!
The walk through Temple Square!

The Caramel Sundae...YUM!
After the concert we walked through Temple Square to see the lights......and I DO mean WalKed a very fast pace.  Remember I am with 3 guys here!  No need to stop and look at the lights, a walk through is good.  We were all feeling a little hungry as we had not quite been able to finish our burgers earlier and so we decided to head to The New Yorker for dessert and maybe a little bite.  Good call, it was just the ticket.  A lovely Mandarin Salad and yummy Pecan Caramel Sundae and we were all smiling!  So fed warm and happy we headed home from our very fun date night plus two!  Love you Jake and are the best dates in town!  I'll keep it on the down low......wouldn't want the girls flocking around!

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