Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Picture a Christmas.....at the Beagles!

We had a lovely Christmas this December 2010 at the Beagles.  The kids are growing up and it seems not quite as fun to run around purchasing items for them....since they seem to have every little thing that they need already.  And so I decided to do a "Hand-made Christmas" for everyone.  I have to admit it was difficult and although every item I gave was handmade, not every item was handmade by me!  But never fear it all worked out!

Brad is always a puzzle for me to buy for since he gets whatever he wants, when he wants it but I stumbled upon this lovely little site called Etsy and purchased two things for him.  This lovely set of handmade cufflinks...bonus that they came from Sweden (my family roots).

And this lovely set of Vintage Fuerstenberg Composer Plates made in Germany.  I just thought they were adorable and luckily he loved them too.  It was one of those things that could have been a big hit or a big flop....you never know!

For Brad's Dad I made some really swell journals out of composition books.  I liked them so much I am going to make some for me!  And his mom got a framed printable that I thought was really cute and also a really cute little plate that my friend makes out of different things and gluing them together.  

Liz's present was the most fun to make, it was a pair of fingerless mittens and some how I didn't get a picture so I will take one and insert it later.  She loved them and I loved making them, I learned so much about knitting that I didn't know.....and I thought I knew a lot!  

Amanda's was not technically made by me but it was handmade and so cute.  It is a jewelry frame to hang her earrings and necklaces from.  Super cute!  

Mackay's and Chris' were super fun for me to make, they were blankets made out of that super soft Minky fabric.  I didn't get a picture of Chris', had to send that to Georgia, from the feed back it was a big hit!  Mackay liked his.....see the big smile?

We had a lovely Christmas Eve Dinner by Brad and of course pajamas!  Suhweet Christmas!

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