Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Joseph! J-O-S-E-P-H! We love you!

My nephew Joseph Perry is heading off on a mission to Norway!  We got to spend one of his last days in the states with him as a family.  We all went to the temple with him this morning!  It was really fun to attend the temple with family....loved it!  Afterward we all met for lunch at a cute little Mexican Restaurant, picked out by Jeanette!  Very fun, we had a great time visiting with everyone and wishing this handsome young man a "Bon Voyage" on his next adventure for two years!  Joseph we love you and know you are going to make a great missionary.....how can you miss with all the great advice Aaron was giving you at the other end of the table!  May God bless and protect you on your journey!

Me, kicking Amanda out of my solo picture with Joseph!

My really cute solo picture with Joesph!

The Steagles Poising it up with, yep, you guessed it J-O-S-E-P-H!  (And cute Courtney!)

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Sara said...

Karen -- thank you to you and Jeanette and Diana and your families for catching Joseph on that end and loving him up! We love you all!!

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