Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring Break Day #9 Heading Home!

Our fun trip has come to an end and after snatching our last bit of fun and sun at the pool we loaded up and headed home. One more fun stop along the way was a restaurant we saw on the Food Network's Diners Driv-ins & Dives. It's called Brandy's and it is in Flagstaff, AZ. When we got there they had a tape of the episode playing on tv and we got to meet the chef who was featured on the show. He was very nice and told us all about how exciting it was to tape it and that it took 2 days of taping to get 6 minutes of air time. You could tell he was enjoying his 6 minutes of fame! Too funny!

After a yummy lunch we launched into the rest of our 9 hour drive home. So we end with our traditional shot of everyone in the car, happy as clams to be driving and driving and driving! Oh what a vacation!

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