Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring Break Day #3

Alexis was the cutest Birthday Girl on Easter Sunday! Happy 26th Lexie!

Did the Easter Bunny find you for Easter? He found us and the kids were amazed that he could find us even in Vegas. Especially since we were hip hopping all over the place. We hopped on over to Dodie's (my sister) Ward for 9 am church and then hopped on over to Brad's parents house for a lovely brunch, then we hippety hopped the girls back to the airport (see previous posts if you wonder why) and once more we hopped, hopped, hopped over to Dodie's to see more family (loved seeing Jared and Mindy and all the cute grand kids), then we scurried over to meet Chris and Nadia for dinner, which was very fun and finally limped our way back to the hotel to rest our weary bunny ears for the night! Loved it.....so...much....FuN!

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