Saturday, April 11, 2009

Spring Break Day #1

If only you could travel with the is SO magical! Here is how we start every trip. Karen: racing around the house, washing everything, calling someone to take care of the animals, making sure everyone is packed (including church clothes), loading the dishwasher so it can be turned on at the precise moment so that every dish is clean before we leave but not to be running while we are gone, yelling at the kids who keep turning on the tv as if they have nothing to do to get ready for a trip and generally panicking because she is leaving her house for a week and wants everything to be perfect when she comes's exhausting. Brad: Fills up the car with gas, makes reservations at the hotel, packs himself, sits in the car and honks for Karen to hurry up! I told you, it's MAGICAL :)

A little further down the road Brad decided he had a hankering for SIZZLER. Yes, I said SIZZLER. Not that I have anthing against it but we probably haven't eaten there in about 15 years or so. And just to confirm this Mackay (who is 14) says about three times, "Sizzler.....since when do we eat at Sizzler?" Well, just so you know....maybe in another 15 years we might hit the Sizzler again.....maybe!

1 comment:

Loni said...

Haha I loved the magical play by play! Just for the record I think I ate at Sizzler once, not bad, just not my thing. Great pics. We miss you!

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