Saturday, April 11, 2009

Spring Break Day #2

This has to be the craziest vacation that the Beagles have ever taken. So it was already arranged that the girls would be driving down with us to Las Vegas and flying home on Sunday night so they could attend college classes that couldn't be missed. Then flying back to meet us in Phoenix on Thursday and driving home with us on Saturday. Oh how they hate to miss out on any fun and just so you know they had to pay for all the flights, so it must be worth it?! So that wasn't crazy enough apparently because friday night Brad gets a call and has a new resident who needs to move in to the Beehive Home the next day...which is a good thing, only problem is the one who is moving out still had all of her stuff there. So Brad, being Brad, books a flight and flew out this morning to go and move all of the stuff and get the room ready and then he is flying back in tonight??!! Just a little dose of crazy?!

So day two for the rest of us was very fun! We picked up Nadia (Chris had to work) and went to lunch and then did some shoe shopping for Nadia's Birthday....I found a cute pair too so it all worked out swell! Very fun, just to hang out together! Tonight is a family dinner with my sister and her kids so all in all a great family day....well if you don't count that Brad is in Utah.


Rachelle said...

Yes, complete MAGIC to travel with the kids. So, what you are saying is that it doesn't get easier? That's not very comforting:)

Loni said...

Are the shoes really that magical? Your face say's only semi-magical.

Remember that birth mom that was emailing one of my couples that we thought was a scam artist? She miscarried and is no longer pregnant. She messed with the wrong social worker!


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