Sunday, November 8, 2009

October is the Birthday Month at the Beagles!

Celebrating 4 birthdays in one month can be exhausting! So we did our best! Mackay and Brad celebrated their birthdays in Hawaii! Can't get much better than that. Chris celebrated his in Iraq. We decided to have a family party on his birthday just to celebrate everyone's birthday and hey, it was a great excuse to get together. We invited the Stout's who turned out in force and Courtney and Kevin came up from BYU and what do you know they discovered that they live almost right next door to each other! It's good to know where your cousin lives at BYU!

We had a delicious dinner of Lemon Chicken, mashed potatoes and green beans...yummmy and for the party a great big delicious old fashioned world famous Martenson ICE CREAM CAKE! Whoot, whoot! We had a very BAD chorus of Happy kids always do their best to sing out of tune and it was especially horrible this year! No's alllll goooood! Chris we love you and we did our best to celebrate with you .....we hope we did you proud!

Post dinner we had a rousing game of Signs in which I think everyone got their turn in the funny.....good job everyone! Celebration was a success! Love you!

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