Monday, November 23, 2009

Family Christmas Pictures 2009

So here's the thing. Family Christmas shouldn't be that hard to gather everyone together and snap a picture in which everyone looks reasonably good, reasonably happy and reasonably resembling a happy family.....should it? I mean other families do it, right? So we attempted it on Sunday! First of all I had strolled up Battle Creek Canyon earlier in the morning and it was a beautiful day, sun was shining, the streams were all frozen over and gleaming, the path was strewn with patches of snow and even a few fall leaves remaining. Perfect I thought, as soon as church is over I will have my brother-in-law grab his camera and come over and we will take a nice stroll up the canyon and snap a few pictures of our happy little family and check it will be done!

So as soon as I came out of church it was way clouded over, looked like snow was on it's way, hurried home and everyone was supposed to be dressed in dark colors and ready to go...of course they weren't and so we were off to a good start....lots of whining and complaining...why do we have to go up the canyon...let's just take them's going to be too dark....and on we go!

To spare you all the gorey details everyone really enjoyed our little excursion, Brad and I exchanged many happy words on the way up and the way down and I think the pictures reveal what a really happy family we are! Ha, ha, ha!

Happy Thanksgiving and on to a Merry Christmas! Yeah, don't we just love the holidays! Well, at least the christmas cards are done and ordered, check!

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Ann Marie said...

what a beautiful family!

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