Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Niece's Reunion!

We had a ton of fun at the Niece's Reunion in October. The agenda was well planned and no shortage of treats, fun & good might even say JUiCeY conversation! We started out with dinner by Jeanette.....always a good thing and followed that up with a carmel apple making demo.....for which Mindy turned out to be the pro! We are still waiting for that recipe Mindy! The apples were delicious and diverse with many flavor combos in the mix. Some of my favorites, carmel followed by white chocolate and cinnamon and sugar. Another favorite was carmel followed by chocolate and rolled in toffee bits. But some people got creative with reese's chips and baby chocolate chips and I saw at least one apple rolled in crushed oreos!

On to the crafty part of the night with super cute bracelets by Dodie. Noelle turned out to be the expert here with everyone consulting with her on color combanations. They all turned out so, so cute and totally fashionable.

At any moment and you never knew when someone would drop dead in some creative way as we had a game of murder happening all night long.....the who dunnit was none other than our own clever and creative Nalene! Kudos to all for the great acting jobs, I think Diana hiccuped to death and Karen Jump Roped to death and Dodie sang her self to death and Abby laughed or cried to death I'm not sure which! Anyway it was all very fun!

Next on the agenda was a little shut eye and we all bedded down all over the place....not so much sleep happened but that is what a slumber party is for....right?

Next morning we had a scrumpious breakfast by Karen, scrambled eggs, bacon and cowboy coffe cake! Yum! It all gave us enough energy to get ready and go shopping off to Gardner Village where there was much to entertain us....the WITCHES were out in was some haunting good fun for Halloween! Lunch was great and we didn't have to do the dishes! Yeah!

This was where the party sort of parted ways.........we all loved it so much we voted to do it all again next year! Husbands you have been warned! It's a hit the Niece's Reunion at Karen's! SEE Ya'll Next Year!

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