Sunday, November 8, 2009

Bowling Buddies!

Have I ever told you about my cute little Primary class? I love them all so much! At the beginning of the summer when I became their teacher we decided to earn a Bowling Party! They are sooo good they get points for all of their good behavior and it added up to one really super fun Bowling Party!

We decided to split up boys against girls! The boys raced through their games and I saw a few strikes and plenty of spares. Braxton even got a bonus strike when the automatic scorer screwed up and that was 3 strikes in a row for him! He was very worried about it and Amanda and I said just go with it! Cute little Sydney was so shy and said she hadn't bowled much, she would roll the ball down very, very slowly and she would get spares almost every time! Way to go Sydney! Jenna was a great little bowler and she decided to follow Amanda's technique of laying down and rolling the ball so she could eyeball that single pin better....ha, ha, it was funny! Max and Joseph kept everyone on track and the boys rooted for the girls when they finished their game early!

On the way home we stopped for ice cream cones....a delicious ending to a very fun afternoon! Thanks for all of your good behavior and cute smiles I get to see every Sunday!

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