Sunday, April 15, 2012


This was a charming and magical day!  We made our way to Monticello the home of Thomas Jefferson.  We so enjoyed roaming the grounds and seeing the beautiful gardens.  The tour of the house was so interesting.  It was fun to see all the inventions that came from these days and how people are always trying to improve their lives.  We still are...right?

Loved all the Dog Wood beautiful!

Walking up to Monticello

Such beautiful vegetable gardens.  Sara said she wants a garden this big!  I do not!

These are the really cool passages under the house.
It leads from the kitchen downstairs to the upstairs.
Servants would not be seen by using these passages.

This is a life sized statue of Mr. Thomas Jefferson

The first copy machine.  Jefferson used this to make copies of his letters.

This was our kind of place!

As you can see Mackay really enjoyed it!

This was the ice house.  They kept ice harvested from winter here for household use in the summer.

The indoor Privy

The precursor to the camera.

The laundry and bath house

Liz loved this really big tree!

The back lawn.  They said in those days the lawn would have
been about 2 feet high and regularly cut with a scythe.

While we were gone cute Emma made us the most delicious cupcakes.

She said she wants to go into the business and I really think she should

These were the most delicious cupcakes ever!

Emma is also working hard at learning the guitar!

Sara and Liz really enjoyed talking to each other

Until about 2 am.  No picture story would be complete without a thumbs up from Liz!

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Karla said...

Seems like a fun day. Seems like the weather was perfect. That first copy machine is SO cool. I did not know something like that existed. Pretty awesome. :)

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