Friday, April 6, 2012

A Family Ski Weekend....a First for the Beagles

Liz getting ready to roll!
Just when spring has finally sprung in Utah....I think anyway!  I found myself hoping for just a little bit more snow.  Why?  Well earlier in the year when it had sounded like a good idea Brad had purchased ski passes for a newly opened resort in non other than, (drum roll please)  Beaver, Ut!  Now let me explain.  Some of you might not even know there is skiing in Beaver, some of you might not care, and some of you may wonder why WE knew that!  About 15 years ago we built a cabin in Beaver Canyon, just about the 10 mile marker in a little place called Whispering Pines.  At the time there was a ski resort further up the canyon called Mount Holly.  Shortly after it closed down and we never got a chance to ski there.  Since that time it has changed hands twice and just recently was bought by a cute little couple from NY who apparently has nothing better to do with their money than to pour it into a ski resort.  Sounds good?  We heard last year, the first year it opened was a good year for them.  However, as we all know this year was kind of not so great for skiing and they didn't even open until after Christmas.  Well, we didn't want our tickets to go to waste so we frantically found a weekend that all of us could go and so just in case you are's how the weekend went.

Our condo!

Amanda can't wait to get on the slopes!

Yep we are ready to ski!

The ski resort....through the snow.....

Amand and Brad ready to take on the slopes!

Cute Amanda....boarding!

A little Sassy!

Oopps....Brad went down....

And just for fun.....

We'll watch him....

Get back......


trying really hard.....

He made it!

Mr Cool!


Pretty back ground!

And they made it!

The condo was comfy!

This is me looking out at at the snow on Sunday afternoon.

Kinda glad I decided to stay in that day!

Right by the fire!

Watching conference!  Warm tootsies!

See us tapping our toes!  This was Saturday night!

We went down to the lodge for dinner!

And the band started up around 8pm.  This guy chilling on the couch with his son is the owner of the the ski lodge!

So as you can see we had a super fun ski weekend!  Oh yeah and one more really fun thing!


Waiting on Dr Benjamin to come and set his nose!
He was a brave looked like it hurt to get it back in place!
Special thanks to Benjamin for setting Mackay's nose straight again.  It looks much better that way!
Happy April to you all!

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Hayley said...

Looks like so much fun! Minus the broken nose of course:( and I laughed out loud at the pics of brad trying to get back up! It was great seeing you the other night.

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