Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hawaii 2011 The Steagles Event of the Year: Part 3

Hawaii 2011 The Steagles Event of the Year:
Part 3
This was so much fun!  The Macadamia Nut Farm!

It's where Josh got to taste his first coconut milk.

Mackay's hair is making me LOL right now!


Cracking the nuts!

Still Cracking Nuts!  Ooops I mean chilling live villians!

We went to the Nu'uanu Pali Tunnel overlook.  

Are you man enough to high five from below?

Some yes, some no!

Gorgeous breath taking view!

And did I say it was windy?

Trip to Hawaii would be incomplete with out a stop at the  Dole Plantation.  Regardless of whether or not pineapples are still grown on the island (not) we still must visit the Dole!

The Group!

Are we adorable or what?

Gotta get the photographer in the picture....ooohhh good looking couple!

Yes we have many faces.....

Yep even more!

You must find a pearl in your oyster!

And see how pineapples really grow!

And feed the two billion koi fish!

Pearl Harbor
This is one of my favorite stops on O'ahu!  It is a solemn stop but I love it!  It is good to remember what it takes to live in a free country!

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