Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hawaii 2011 The Steagles Event of the Year Part 2

Hawaii 2011 The Steagles Event of the Year Part 2

We spent an entire day enjoying the Polynesian Cultural Center just a few miles from our beach house.  It is such an amazing place and we loved exploring all the different villages with such different cultures and things to see and do.  Here is our day in pictures.
This is sort of like our obligatory road trip photo except we are in a canoe!  Wahoo!
The beautiful dances of Marquesas.

Fishing in Tahiti

Liz actually caught a fish...see the little guy?

The beautiful Canoe Pagent
This guy got dunked by his friends......hilarious!

I think this was Tahiti also.  Very beautiful dancing and rythmn instruments.  Whoops I'm wrong it was Hawaii!

Of course Jeanette could not resist this Hula lesson in Hawaii.

I think they are ready for the show.

In Samoa Jessie got to try and climb a coconut tree.

Josh was a natural.....but the natives were amazing!

Learning a game in Samaoa

I love this guy!  He has been here for forever and he is amazing!

Look closely he is cracking a coconut and then he wrings out the milk with his bare hands.

These guys were my favorites in the final show!  I love pink!

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