Monday, August 22, 2011

Martenson Family Reunion 2011: Day 3

Breakfast was a little later on Saturday and the golfers took off a little later too.  Pancakes and bacon and eggs......cooked to order by Bradley K Beagles!  What a way to start the day!

The kids got some made to order fun just for them.  Emily was the wonderful organizer of the Kids Make and Take Day!

Melinda brought her feathers......all proceeds went to the auction.

Origami and some really cute frames!

Flowers for the hair!

Margaret helping Aubrie Apple Orchard

Melanie and Liz really enjoyed the flowers!

Even Grandma Martenson got a flower to wear!

Froot loop necklaces were a favorite.

Simon and Andrew and cute little blonde Blake

Painted baskets for Mason and Caylee

Eliza was intensely painting her basket

Aunt Diana came for the day!  What a miracle after her open heart surgery!

Darling Girls!
Later in the afternoon we got to go on a tour of the buildings not yet restored.  It was really fun to see them and to hear what the owners future plans are.

The evening meal was a Pasta Bar with meatballs and Jared's famous alfredo sauce.  Carol made a wonderful greek salad and Walmart did the garlic bread!  Thanks to all the cooks that made this reunion so tasty!  

We ended the evening with our family auction.  It was filled with some major cute items.  I forgot to get pictures but I do have one of the collage that Sara Perry did of Grandma Garner.  And I took some of the things that I bought.

Grandma Garner Collage by Sara Perry

Pictures of Grandma Martenson with her parents by Diana Dunkley

Back to school basket by Karen Beagles

Wall Wreaths by Noelle Dunkley
It would be fun to post some of the other things that sold if you guys have pictures send them and I will post them.

We were just about to start the games again and the lights went out.  We spent some time on the porch watching the lightening and telling ghost stories.  Jana had the best one.....ask her to tell you sometime!  Mindie and Jared and Liz, Amanda and I had a funny conversation in the hallway sitting on floor together.  I tried to go to bed and couldn't sleep so I got up again and went down to join the group having very interesting conversations about boxes and strings in the great room.  Such a fun reunion!  We were all together and it made a huge difference!  Always something to do and someone to do it with.

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