Monday, August 22, 2011

Martenson Family Reunion 2011: Day 2

We started the day with an excellent breakfast cooked by Bruce and Brad.  French toast, sausage and juice and milk!  Yummy!  Thanks to the two cooks!

Our plans took us next to the Steadman Farm where we had such a remarkable day of fun.  This is a family owned ranch and they have turned  their large yard into a wonderland of water slides, a zip line, sand pile and shooting range.  There was something for everyone there.  Even for the complaining golfers in our group, bellyaching because they had to come in from the golf course......I believe I saw them all having a blast on those water slides and Mike Trenck even took a trip down the zip line with me!  The landing was the tricky part.

We brought picnic lunches and just enjoyed the day together splashing, playing and of course.....because Jon Krum was there, racing!  "Abby, Abby, come and time me."  I believe Jon did get the best time of the day!  Of course!

We headed back to the Grove Campus for a few hours of relaxation and then we were served a dinner of Tacos, nachos and guacamole.  The food was really good and we all had hearty appetites after our day of play.

After dinner we all gathered mid-campus at the wooden stage.  We had our fun, family talent do we have talent!  I had no idea!  So here's the line up:

Sarah our beautiful MC and scouter of talents for the event!

And don't forget the appreciative audience....

.....waiting so patiently....

for the spectacular....... begin!

We are talking WILD anticipation......Mackay is ready!

First Act:  Logan (Benj's), Eliza and Abigail (Abby's)  singing  Love is Spoken Here
It was beautiful!  Set a great tone for the evening!

Cute little Courtney(Jared's)!  She was a spinning us round and round with her dynamite Hoola Hoop Act!
So talentent!

Mckenzie Barlow (Tyler's) was fantastic on the guitar!
She has some great back up singers and they sang Traveling Soldier for us!
A real tear jerker!  (Abigail, Jessie (Jeanette's) , Logan and Eliza)

Robert Dunkley sang us a very hip, hop original song!  Loved it!

Kealohi  (Jana's) was a great back up dancer!  Sassy!

Caylee Barlow (Tyler's)  dazzled us with her dance moves.

Emily Orchard really got the McGrath/Orchard/Margaret involved!
This was a darling skit about Three Little Bears and cute little Blondie,

Dancing her little heart out was Alexis and Wade's daughter Caitlyn!

David McGrath captivated us all with his magic.....and all his magical assistants.

Jordan smooth, so cool!

A fantastic sister duo, Caylee and McKenzie!
What a day!  So fun.......and then the games began......I think a few people pulled an all nighter.....I specifically saw David Orchard and Benjamin Dunkley working on the puzzle around one am. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

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