Monday, October 29, 2012

Our Final Day in Peru

We stayed that night in Auguas Calientes and we spent our time wandering the streets in search of a great meal (didn't really find one there.) Also doing some shopping as we went. There was one funny incident over a pair of shoes. Brad was buying some stuff from one vendor and was trying to get a deal. The guy would not deal on the shoes and the girls really wanted them. Brad ended up walking away and the girls were freaking out because they really wanted those shoes. They ended up heading back and buying them for the price he wanted. It was pretty funny. The girls just think it is mean to bargain. We slept snug in our little Hostel, except for the occasion train that rips through town all night long....go figure? It really wasn't too bothersome though. The next morning we had breakfast included with our stay and found that our own little Hostel had the best food! We should have eaten there the night and learn. IMG 1772 IMG 1773 We had fresh squeezed orange juice. Eggs made to order all served with fresh fruit and yummy pita type bread, jam and butter. It was delicious!

 We took our train ride back to Ollantaytambo and we had another afternoon and night to spend there. The boys opted to sleep again and the girls headed off for more shopping. We ran into some girls from America and we sat and chatted for a few minutes. They mentioned that they had met another group of American's who had flown over for $300 on Tacca airlines because of a mistake fare. We said we had done that too and they were so surprised! They told us about a free trade store in town they had learned about in their college classes and it was one of the reasons they had come to this town. One of them was planning to come back and volunteer there. It was a store set up to help some of the High Andes people sell their goods for a fair price. They told us to go and check it out and so we did. It was pretty cool and the products were very nice there. As we were coming back from there we stumbled upon this really cool cafe called The Heart's Cafe. I bought a cookie there and checked out their menu and we decided to come back there for dinner that night. This cafe was set up as a foundation by an English woman. She used the proceeds to help the children in the region with education, sanitation, clean water and food. We returned that night for dinner and the food was so good and they wash everything in mineral water so you don't have to be afraid to eat fresh things (I still didn't). Mackay and I got the same thing, a local dish and it was yummy!

  PA140164 PA140168 PA140169
Machu Picchu was really the main reason we came to Peru and it did not disappoint but along the way we met some really great people, did some fabulous fun shopping and ate some pretty great food.  Here is where I will stick in all the things I left out so far and just know that we packed fun into every corner of this quick whirl-wind vacation.  If there is one thing that the Beagles know, it is how to have fun on a vacation.  So sit back and enjoy these last random pictures of our time in Peru!

Ollantaytambo, we loved this little village which was settled amidst ancient Inca ruins.  Even the village itself is a remnant from Inca times.  We loved all the stone path ways and the maze of streets.  They had a large market that was so fun to walk through and we bought tangerines there everyday.

The city streets were like a maze with these thick walls all throughout.

This pretty little town sits right along the Sacred Valley that leads to Machu Picchu.

The girls and I spent every spare minute shopping!  It was so much fun!  The prices were so good and you could bargain of course but half the time we just paid pretty close to what they asked.  Because that is how we are!  We figure they could use the extra dollar more than we could!  Amanda and Liz both bought these colorful pants they were so pretty!  We probably went to this little shop about 10 times.  I found some really lovely rocks and crystal there and the girls loved her selection of pants.  

We spent some time hiking the ruins around the town.  We even got Brad to come along!  But we couldn't get Mackay to come.  He was still sleeping off the airplane rides!

This was a beautiful little hike up the mountain side.  Very, very rocky but they seem to like to carve steps everywhere.  That is pretty helpful sometimes.  These Incas really like to build things up high!

Amanda with Liz her photographer setting up the big shot of Amanda spanning the walls of the Inca storage unit.  They believe that they used these buildings for storage.

0Beagle R1 031 14
Here's the great span....okay not so impressive!

The big finish....tah dah!

Now are you impressed?

Take a big breath do it again.

Probably my favorite shot of the day.

We found a fellow hiker to snap this photo.  Love my fam!
Enjoying the evening breeze.

Mackay loved playing with the kitties.  There were tons of wild dogs roaming the streets everywhere.

Well, this sums up the trip other than a 3Am departure the next day and 17 hours of flying with long layovers.....Uggh!  We made it though!  We got home safe and sound!  It was a such an adventure and we loved seeing Peru and it's wonderful Sacred Valley!  Great Fall Break, wonder what we'll do next year?

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