Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Karen's Birthday in the Woods

SO it was my birthday again....seems like I just had one.  SO I was trying to think of something fun to do.  (I was all set to do the groupon for a skydive but for some reason decided no!)  SO I decided to try and gather all my near and dear loved ones and have a celebration.  SO I decided why not go to our cabin in the woods!  SO we did!  I am SO glad we did!

With all the hectic family schedules these days it was no small feat to gather everyone and go to the cabin.  Here's how it went.....do you have your score card ready?  So friday Brad and I and Mackay went and picked up Aubrianna and Caitlyn (these girls lived with us for about a year several years ago, they now have a lovely new mom who graciously let us steal them away for this weekend of fun!)  Amanda drove her own car down (because she had to leave by Saturday night to go to work!).  We arrived at the cabin about 8pm after a fun-filled ride down and a yummy stop at Maria's (Mexican food) for dinner.  Grandma and Grandpa Beagles were already there so we descended upon them with our air mattresses in tow (that should have given them a hint) and they were SO happy to see us!

By day two we were having a raucous time!  Conference session #1 followed by a mad dash out into the wilderness!  Totally guilted ALmost everyone into going on a birthday hike with me!  Okay so I could only guilt three other people into going with me but that's pretty good, right?  And let's be real, Caitlyn was the ONLY one that was actually excited about going.....thanks Caitlyn, I knew there was a reason why I invited you!  We picked a rather fun trail and we hiked all the way into a lake.....okay, a mud puddle, but we pretended it was a lake!  (This was to spare us from actually hiking all the way to the lake, which Caitlyn and I totally wanted to do but we were out voted.....and also we had to hurry back to watch conference again.)
Here's the Lake!  Amanda is fishing, I'm skipping rocks and I can't remember what Caitlyn is doing?

And here is our depiction of a stick in the mud!  We won't name names but all those people back at the cabin....yeah that's what they are!

Some other highlights from our hike are as follows:

Amanda's really big jump in the air!

Mackay's excited face while getting to pose with Mommy and Caitlyn

Caitlyn climbing......

Amanda doing her balance beam impression

Caitlyn climbing.....

And Caitlyn climbing some more.....she did find this really cool pile of logs to climb on though.

A gorgeous stand of Aspen Trees

Fall leaves
Amanda loves to hug Mackay! 
I'm not sure what is up with this face but I was blowing out my birthday marshmallows after everyone sang to me as off tune as possible.  Yep that is the Steagles way, make it as awful as possible!
Pretty Fall Scene

Caitlyn's mommy don't be afraid when you see that Caitlyn started her own fire.  Don't you worry, Grandpa came out and made her put it out!  I thought it was groovy though.  
It was a fun birthday fire! 

Amanda trying to hug Mackay

This is how we mostly watched conference.  Well some of us were sleeping but isn't that how it always goes?



The awesome cake Jeanette made for my birthday!  It was delish!

See how much we liked it!

The Birthday Picture!

Here's the whole beautiful group.....except for the one taking the picture!  Another great birthday!

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