Thursday, September 29, 2011

The last of the Garden Wars......and the lucky winner!

Liz's watermelon hasn't been picked yet.......I think it will be a good one!
I hope you had fun following along as we had a friendly garden competition.  I really think my kids and their gardens out shined anything I did in the garden this year.  We are picking the last of the produce.

This was Mackay's little crenshaw melon
and even though the snails had had their
way with it we cut it in half and enjoyed it!
(not the snail part silly the other half was just fine with no snail slime)

Amanda's prized Casaba was the best melon by far!
It made a wonderful fruit salad.

Don't they just looked T-H-R-I-L-L-E-D?

A lovely garden array!

Fresh out of the garden cantaloupe, yum!

Liz's green beans were amazing!

So this brings us to the question of which kid won the Garden Wars contest?  Grand prize was set at $100.00!  Honestly I just couldn't decide.  Here's the thing:  they all did a great job planning and planting their gardens and looking after them for about 3 weeks.  After that they pretty much all ignored them except when I ordered them out there to weed.  I did most of the harvesting, which I didn't mind at all, that is the funnest part of gardening.  I would say Amanda gave the most loving care to her garden, tying up her melon and all.  Mackay was the funniest about his garden spraying it the middle of the night and throwing fits because the tomato plants got too big.  I loved Liz's cause she planted some stuff from seed....that takes a lot of faith!  Her's was also the biggest producer with zucchini and green beans beating everything else hands down.  So here is what I decided to do.  Call it a three way tie and split the prize money!  So nicely done Beagles kids....I hope you learned a thing or two about gardening.  Mostly I hope you found out how miraculous it is to watch a garden grow.  

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Carol said...

I loved the pictures and agree--jobs well-done!

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