Sunday, March 28, 2010

Welcome Spring....The Colors was amazing!

One thing I have always wanted to do is to attend the annual Spring Colors Festival at the Hare Krishna Temple in Salem Utah! I mean a huge taste of Indian culture right here in our practically solo religion state of Utah! This was the year! My daughter Liz has attended for two years now and I have always envied her mulit-colored hair and clothes at the end of the day. It's a party, if ever there was a party! Well I am happy to report I have finally attended my first Colors Festival and sincerely hoping it will not be my last. I loved it! It was amazing and colorful and exhuberating.....filled to the brim with young people and a few old ones like me and Brad. W E L C O M E S P R I N G !

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Melanie's Wedding Shower at Jeanette's March 2010

The Friends Arrive!
Karen & Amanda so ready for some fun!
Jeanette is ready for a nap after all of her hard work! Amanda loving up her Momma!
We get to know some of Melanie's friends
Now the games begin!
It is a T.P.Wedding dress fiesta!
Having Diana as one of the designer's was an unfair advantage! Can you guess which one is hers?
Kevin was beamed in via the computer ....And Melanie had to pop a piece of gum in her mouth for every answer that didn't match up!
Karen & Emily checking out the beautiful Spring Scape!
Loved the beautiful spring tulips! Jeanette is so talented!
Mom & Margaret enjoyed the festivities!
Ohhh La La!

Presents galore.....lots of kitchen neccesities!
Amanda is the best taste tester ever!
Mason got to come to the all girl shower!
So he had to endure the hugs and kisses!
He thought it was worth it for the two giant chocolate chip cookies and the sucker...don't tell his mom!

The Wedding Shower
Margaret & Emily came all the way from Boise Idaho to throw a Wedding Shower for Melanie, Kevin's Bride-to-Be! It was a very exciting day filled with fabulous food, lots of fun and good compnay! Enjoy some pictures of the magical moments!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Putting Power In Perspective Always Be FOR Something

Always be FOR something, not AGAINST. Being FOR something takes less energy as it is already in a lighter form.

As human beings, we cannot help but be subject to our preferences. However, we do have control over the manner in which these manifest themselves in our lives. Every value we hold dear is an expression of either support or opposition, and it is our perspective that determines whether we are for something or against it. As an example of a situation we are all familiar with at this time: We can direct our energy and intentions into activities that promote peace rather than using our resources to speak out in opposition of war. On the surface, these appear to be two interchangeable methods of expressing one virtue, yet being for something is a vastly more potent means of inspiring change because it carries with it the power of constructive intent.

When you support a cause, whether your support is active or passive, you contribute to the optimism that fuels all affirmative change. Optimistic thoughts energize people, giving them hope and inspiring them to work diligently on behalf of what they believe in. Being for something creates a positive shift in the universe, which means that neither you nor those who share your vision will have any trouble believing that transformation on a grand scale is indeed possible. To be against something is typically easy, as you need only speak out in opposition to it. Standing up for something is often more challenging, because you may be introducing an idea to people that may scare them on a soul level.

Throughout your life, you have likely been told that the actions of one person will seldom have a measurable impact on the world. Yet your willingness to stand up for what you believe in instead of decrying what you oppose can turn the tides of fate. The thoughts you project when you choose to adopt a positive perspective will provide you with a means to actively promote your values and, eventually, foster lasting change. (Reprinted from the Daily Om)
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