Sunday, March 21, 2010

Melanie's Wedding Shower at Jeanette's March 2010

The Friends Arrive!
Karen & Amanda so ready for some fun!
Jeanette is ready for a nap after all of her hard work! Amanda loving up her Momma!
We get to know some of Melanie's friends
Now the games begin!
It is a T.P.Wedding dress fiesta!
Having Diana as one of the designer's was an unfair advantage! Can you guess which one is hers?
Kevin was beamed in via the computer ....And Melanie had to pop a piece of gum in her mouth for every answer that didn't match up!
Karen & Emily checking out the beautiful Spring Scape!
Loved the beautiful spring tulips! Jeanette is so talented!
Mom & Margaret enjoyed the festivities!
Ohhh La La!

Presents galore.....lots of kitchen neccesities!
Amanda is the best taste tester ever!
Mason got to come to the all girl shower!
So he had to endure the hugs and kisses!
He thought it was worth it for the two giant chocolate chip cookies and the sucker...don't tell his mom!

The Wedding Shower
Margaret & Emily came all the way from Boise Idaho to throw a Wedding Shower for Melanie, Kevin's Bride-to-Be! It was a very exciting day filled with fabulous food, lots of fun and good compnay! Enjoy some pictures of the magical moments!

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