Friday, September 24, 2010

The Sadhana of Something so Simple

Sadhana is one of my favorite Sanskrit words. It means a spiritual practice, but the meaning runs much deeper and has a thousand variations. My own interpretation of this word is much richer. To me Sadhana means bringing a sacred awareness to the ordinary. In other words making your sadhana your daily practice of living. The ordinary things you do every day have a beautiful sacredness to them. It can be something as simple as washing the dishes, making your bed, taking a bike ride, preparing food. If we do these things with an attention to the richness they bring in to our lives....they become a form of sadhana.

As the beautiful harvest from the garden has unfolded this year, I have noticed the richness it has brought to the food I prepare. I couldn't help taking pictures of these beautiful lunches I prepared over the past few weeks. The gorgeous colors of the food, the freshness of it all (no 10 day trip in a truck), the various tastes and textures. It has brought me into a wonderful awareness of how nourishing and life giving our food can be. We can infuse even more nourishment into our food by preparing it with Sadhana. Enjoy!


WildBound said...

Simply Beautiful. Love.

Ann Marie said...

mmmm. so yummy on every level.

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