Monday, July 26, 2010

A View From the Kitchen......Stake Youth Conference July 14-18 2010

Lots of Love!
My helper Mackay!
Scripture Study Time
One of the funnest things we did was to have the kids eat at the stake members homes for breakfast.  So the kids were divided into groups for this event and each group had two counselors a girl and a boy from the singles ward.  We assigned each group to eat at a different house each morning.  We planned the menus and then passed out the fixings to each family who had volunteered to take this on.  And so it was that on Thursday I had 20 kids with their counselors showing up at my door!  I put them to work hauling up tables and chairs and set them up to eat out on the deck, which is a little bit shady in the morning.  We had a menu of waffles, eggs and bacon and I added berries, whip cream and fresh fruit.  We made introductions, blessed and passed food and chatted and joked our way through this yummy breakfast.  I was very impressed with this group which happened to be the one that Mackay was in.  His counselors led them in scripture study and gave them some suggestions and then gave them time to go and study the scriptures on their own.  Afterward they helped clear up the tables and dishes and then they headed off, back to the Stake Center to begin their day of classes and service projects.  Love, love, loved this first morning!

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