Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Daddy

Happy Birthday Daddy
Today would have been my Dad's 92nd birthday.  I still miss his mischievous smile and the twinkle in his eye.  All of us were lucky to have him in our lives.  He was a lucky man to have had 8 daughters and a lovely capable wife.  As I look back over some of the family pictures I can see why my mom fell in love with him.
Here's my tribute to you Daddy.  We all love you dearly.  

Daddy, Mom, and Grandma Thompson
With Dodie, Carol, Diana and Margaret

Lincoln Park Family Outing with Dad, Mom, baby Margaret, Carol,
 Grandma Thompson, and a very excited Diana

Daddy giving the speech that every good Dad makes after
giving away a precious daughter!

Diana and Ralph's Wedding
Notice the twinkle in Daddy's eye

A family photo
Diana, Carol, Jana, Dad, Mom, Jeanette, Sara, Karen and Dodie
The only man in our family surrounded by 7 of his 8 daughters

Mom visiting Daddy's grave

Mom, Karen, Jeanette and Carol

The Grave

Daddy's Posterity
He was always very proud of his family

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