Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Top Ten Things I Love About Turning 51....

I got blackberry pie!

I got a darling new basket for my bike!

Breakfast on a tray made by Mackay!

Such cute birthday balloons!

Lunch with my sisters!

I found a list the other day.  It is something I wrote on my 50th birthday.  I wanted to put down some of the things I loved about turning 50!  A whole year has come and gone and I am now officially in my fifties as I turn 51 this year.  I kicked off my birthday week by having my first ever colonoscopy and then went and had a mammogram just for fun!  Hah!  See how I laugh in the face of danger?  Truthfully, not always so fun as the years keep climbing but I'm thinking I am doing pretty good for my age and so here's that list....with a few additions as I brave my way through the fifty something years.

1.  The grey streaks in my hair.....if the truth be told I can't wait for a whole head full of beautiful grey hair.

2.  I'm stronger and more flexible than I was in my thirties!  (Thank you Yoga!)

3.  I hear 50 is the new 30!

4.  The laugh lines around my eyes.

5.  When someone older says, "You're just a BaBy!"

6.  That I don't feel 50!  (Or 51)

7.  When someone acts surprised that I'm actually 51.  (Even if they are faking it!)

8.  That I have had the opportunity to see 18,615 sunrises and sunsets.

9.  I'm officially old enough to be a Grandma!  (Sadly no grandkids yet!)

10.  Living on this beautiful planet for 51 years.....sharing all the laughter and tears with my lovely friends and family.

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Hayley said...

Happy birthday to you! And you don't look 51 at all! I'm not faking it either! Youre probably in better shape than I am haha I'm glad you had a great birthday surrounded by family. We should get lunch together soon. I want to catch up, and you need to see how big liam is getting!

We live in a Zoo! said...

Oh I love it! You have motivated me to do yoga, and you don't look fifty-one! :D

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